Plantronics Hub vs. Poly Lens (2024)

When interacting with our customers, there is a question that seems to come up frequently. That question is; what’s the difference between the Plantronics Hub software and the Poly Lens?

So in our ongoing desire to be helpful, and make things easy, I thought it would be worthwhile to talk about this. And in doing so, point out when you might use one over the other, and to a degree, what they both do, and how they differ. So with that in mind, let’s get started.

Before I begin, I thought it would be important to give you a very brief piece of information about Plantronics as a company, because they’ve gone through some changes recently.

Not so long ago, Plantronics acquired a company called Polycom. And as you might know, Polycom was a company well-known for producing high quality audio, and video products.

Once the acquisition was complete, a new company emerged with an expanded product line, and a new name. The name of this new, consolidated company is Poly. So when you hear the name Poly being referred to, you’ll know the back story.

With that nugget of information out of the way, let’s dig into the Hub and Lens software.

First, between these two downloadable software programs, it was the Plantronics Hub software that arrived on the scene first. At the time, it was a bit of a game changer in that it gave headset users and Managers a new tool in the use, and management of headsets.

This helped to usher in a whole new era in headset management for sure. And like any new emerging technology, it predictably undergoes refinements, and improvements to help make it better, and even more user friendly.

This is something we’re seeing play out across all headset manufacturers thatoffer headset software. We’re seeing the use of headset software as being the new normal where in the past that simply wasn’t the case.

So what does the Plantronics Hub software do, and who should be using it?

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In a general sense, the Plantronics HUB software allows an end-user to customize headset settings, and get visible status of their Poly, or Plantronics audio devices right on the desktop.

You can perform things such as:

  • Perform firmware updates
  • Customize ringtones
  • Configure presence updates
  • Select different languages for use with voice prompts
  • Change device settings
  • Get visible mute and battery status
  • Adjust HD audio settings
  • Headset pairing

In short, this software is really designed to give the end user some control over how the headset operates, and sounds. The HUB software is also capable of capturing data and event information directly from the headset, and sending it to the Plantronics Manager Pro software. Manager Pro is a totally separate SaaS program that’s used for managing and maintaining a complete headset environment.

Poly Lens Vs Plantronics Hub

Plantronics Hub vs. Poly Lens (2)

First, unlike the HUB software that’s designed for use with headsets, in particular, the models that are of an older generation, Lens is meant to be used with headsets, speakerphones, telephones and video conferencing equipment. That alone makes these two software programs very different from each other.

The Poly Lens software is efficient for the individual user who wants to personalize their headset, but it’s equally efficient for the IT professional that needs to have visibility, and control over an entire population of devices.

Whether you want to remotely provision devices, monitor or troubleshoot, the Poly Lens software is with you every step of the way.

There are many things that this software can do, and among them are:

  • Provide you with device update notices, so you’ll know when a new update is available which helps to keep your devices running well.
  • Allow you to make personalized setting adjustments so your headset is configured how you like.
  • Soundscape audio to provide you with different sound files to listen to while you work. This is designed to help keep you focused and productive.
  • Help with a click gives you built in guides, support and troubleshooting assistance so you’re more productive.
  • Give you a global view of your devices including headsets, speakerphones, telephones, and video conferencing equipment for simplified inventory control.
  • Allow you to perform remote troubleshooting and updates which can really cut down on the number of support tickets.
  • Remind you to take a break, look away from your computer monitor, and even to rehydrate so you’re always at your best.
  • Give you better line of sight into your devices throughout the enterprise for device health and adoption rates.
  • Provide you with intelligent news feeds that aggregate raw data into insights that show you system trends of your offline, online and in-use devices.
  • And if using the mobile version of Lens, you also have a “Find My Device” feature so you’ll always know where it’s at.

This is only some of the capabilities of the Poly Lens software. Suffice it to say that it has something for everyone. So whether you’re wanting to

customize, and personalize your device, or whether you want to easily monitor and manage all your devices from one screen, the Poly Lens software is sure to please.

And finally, in a general sense, if you use legacy Poly / Plantronics headsets such as, say, the Savi W740 or CS540 for example, then the HUB software would be the appropriate software to use. But if you’re using newer devices that go beyond headsets, to include phones, speakerphones, and video conferencing systems, then the Lens software is the way to go.

I hope that this blog has helped you to gain a better understanding of these two Poly software offerings. Though they’re both offered through the same company, they are different in a number of ways. Whichever you might need, it’s my opinion that you’ll be happy with the ease in which you can update, customize and manage your Poly devices.

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The article discusses the differences between Plantronics Hub software and Poly Lens, two software offerings by Poly, a company formed after Plantronics acquired Polycom. Let's break down the concepts mentioned:

  1. Plantronics acquiring Polycom: Plantronics, a company specializing in audio communication devices, acquired Polycom, known for high-quality audio and video products. The merger led to the formation of Poly, which expanded its product line and services.

  2. Plantronics Hub software: Initially introduced, this software was a significant development in headset management. It enabled users and managers to control and manage headsets effectively. Its features include firmware updates, customization of settings, status visibility, language selection, and data capturing for Plantronics Manager Pro.

  3. Poly Lens software: Unlike the Hub, Lens caters to a broader range of devices beyond headsets, such as speakerphones, telephones, and video conferencing equipment. It offers personalized settings, productivity aids like Soundscape audio, troubleshooting support, device inventory management, remote updates, health reminders, and system insights.

  4. Differences: The key distinction lies in their scope of device coverage. Plantronics Hub focuses on headsets, especially older models like Savi W740 or CS540, while Poly Lens extends its services to various devices like phones, speakerphones, and video conferencing systems.

  5. Audience and Usage: Plantronics Hub suits those using legacy Poly/Plantronics headsets, while Lens caters to users with newer, diversified device needs.

  6. Recommendations: The article advises using Hub for older headsets and Lens for modern devices that go beyond headsets.

  7. Customer Assistance: The article encourages seeking expert help for headset-related queries, highlighting the company's experience since 1994, offering tailored solutions and excellent customer reviews. Additionally, it suggests considering budget-friendly headset subscription programs that include benefits like equipment refresh and warranty coverage.

This breakdown emphasizes the evolution from Plantronics to Poly, the distinctions between their software offerings, and recommendations based on device types for optimal software utilization.

Plantronics Hub vs. Poly Lens (2024)
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