Exploring 'Del Trópico': A Captivating Journey into Children's Descriptive Poetry (2024)

In the realm of children's literature, the significance of poetry is immeasurable. 'Del Trópico,' a delightful poem by the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío (1867-1916), serves as an exquisite piece for engaging young minds in the art of description. This article unveils the beauty of this poem and provides insightful strategies for maximizing its educational potential.

Unlocking the Charms of 'Del Trópico'

1. Enhancing Children's Attention

To captivate young listeners, employ dynamic reading techniques. Modulate your voice, use expressive gestures, and incorporate relevant sounds (e.g., barking dogs or the horn's melody). This not only enhances attention but also makes the poem come alive in their imaginations.

2. Enriching Vocabulary

As you navigate through the poem, highlight unfamiliar words such as 'caites' (sandals) and 'morral' (bag). Encourage children to actively participate in expanding their vocabulary by looking up these words in a dictionary. This fosters a love for learning and linguistic diversity.

3. Comprehension Check

After the recitation, engage children with comprehension questions. Ensure their understanding by querying specific details, such as the activity the girl performs with a stone or the animals grazing on the hill. This reinforces their ability to comprehend and retain information.

Beyond the Poem: Interactive Learning Strategies

4. Memory Enhancement

Challenge children to memorize 'Del Trópico.' This not only sharpens cognitive abilities but also instills a sense of accomplishment. Memory retention exercises are invaluable tools for cognitive development.

5. Igniting Imagination

Encourage children to visualize the scene in their own way. Prompt them to introduce additional characters or unexpected events, crafting a collaborative narrative. This sparks creativity and fosters a deeper connection with the poem.

6. Mastering the Art of Description

Emphasize that the poem itself is a vivid description of a moment in the lives of villagers on a hill. Drawing parallels with the Beatles' song "Penny Lane," challenge children to describe their own surroundings with rich detail. This exercise promotes descriptive prowess and vocabulary enrichment.

A Visual Treat for Young Minds

For those who prefer a visual aid, a delightful video rendition of 'Del Trópico' awaits. This animated presentation brings the poem to life, offering a visual reference that aligns with the poet's imaginative portrayal.


'Del Trópico' transcends being a mere poem; it is a gateway to a world where language, imagination, and education converge. Utilize these strategies to unlock its full potential and witness the enriching impact on children's literary exploration. Let the magic of Rubén Darío's words become a cornerstone in their journey of language and imagination.

Exploring 'Del Trópico': A Captivating Journey into Children's Descriptive Poetry (2024)
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