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Here are 9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes and they just all happen to be desserts. That's the kind of recipe that hazelnut flour works best for.

You probably know all about Nutella because it seems to be quite popular on the market right now since they are the main ingredient in Nutella. Have you read the ingredients in Nutella?

9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes - My Natural Family (1)
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The first ingredient is sugar, even before hazelnuts. Stay away from that stuff. I did find a couple of good homemade Nutella recipes if you're interested: Paleo-Approved ‘Nutella’ andHomemade PaleoNutella Recipe.

Do you know why people like Nutella so much, besides all the sugar that's in it? It's because for some reason the flavors of hazelnuts and chocolate taste so good together. I don't know why, but it's true. That's part of the reason why so many of these recipes also have chocolate in them.

Cookies seem to be the number one choice for hazelnut flour. You can tell by how many cookie recipes there are here below. I did find some other great recipes that aren't for cookies. I tried to pick as big of a variety as I could. I hope you find these recipes helpful and enjoyable. Let me know which ones are your favorites by commenting below.

Why should I bake with hazelnut flour?

Since it is made with nuts, it's a little bit obvious, but maybe not. Nuts are, of course, low in carbs and have nutty flavors so they are good to use in baking. Some other facts you may not know about hazelnuts.

  1. They promote heart health. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, they are a good source of fiber and they have a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated fatty acids help reduce the bad kind of cholesterol and they increase the good kind of cholesterol.
  2. They are a good source of good fats which are monounsaturated fats. So, they are a good source of healthy fat which is a plus if you're worried about gaining weight.
  3. They have many minerals and vitamins that are powerful antioxidants, which help prevent heart disease and other major diseases. They are a good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps reduce inflammation and fights again aging. One serving can provide almost all the manganese you need for an entire day.
  4. They can improve brain and cognitive function. Because of the high levels of thiamine, vitamin E, folate, manganese and fatty acid they contain. They are excellent brain food.

What is the difference between hazelnut flour and hazelnut meal?

Flour is a bit more finely ground. Meal is less fine and includes the skins.

Recipe List

1.Hazelnut Coconut Cookies - Sweet and Savory

Coconut Flakes - Raw Honey - Coconut Oil - Pure Vanilla Extract

You don't even need a mixer to make these cookies. You can just mix everything with a spoon in a bowl. They don't spread during baking so flatten them first. I like that because I hate it when they spread and I end up with one big cookie instead of a dozen small ones. You won't have to worry about that with these.

2. Hazelnut Pie Crust - Everyday Maven

Tapioca Flour * - Ground Cinnamon - Egg - Palm Shortening * - Vanilla Extract

This pie crust was developed to be eaten with chocolate because of the flavors of hazelnuts and chocolate pair together so well. It hasn't been tried but I'm sure it would taste good with other fillings also. Here is the Paleo Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipethat was made to go with this crust.

3.Chocolate Hazelnut Bars - Bakerita

Tapioca Flour * - Coconut Sugar * - Coconut Oil - Hazelnuts - Cocoa Powder * - Egg - Dark Chocolate *

These bars are made with a hazelnut flour crust, then they have dark chocolate chunks on top along with some crunchy hazelnuts. They don't take long to bake and they are actually fairly simple to me.

They do get extra fudgy if you can wait long enough to eat them the next day when the chocolate flavors are extra intense.

4. Hazelnut Cookies - Cook Eat Paleo

Almond Flour * - Ghee * - Honey - Vanilla Extract

These are simple cookies and easy to make. The combination of almond flour and hazelnut flour make up this perfect cookie. They are chewy, nutty and not too sweet.

They are perfectly delicious with a cup of Paleo hot chocolate. You know how wonderful hazelnuts and chocolate are together. You can't go wrong with these.

5. Pecan Pie - Grass Fed Girl

Coconut Flour * - Coconut Oil - Swerve Confectioner - Butter - Coconut Milk * - Eggs - Molasses - Pecans

Pecan pie is wonderful because of the caramel flavor you get when from brown sugar and dark Karo syrup. Well, we don't want to use those. The caramel flavor is duplicated using browned butter.

The caramel flavor achieved by using the brown butter gives a depth of flavor to the pecans along with a little bit of molasses. You get all this with a nominal amount of carbs. So much healthier than "regular" pecan pie.

6.Chocolate Hazelnut Tart - Our Paleo Life

Cocoa Powder * - Coconut Oil - Maple Syrup * - Coconut Milk * - Vanilla Extract

This is a wonderful no-bake dessert that needs very little prep time. It's ready to eat very quickly and that's always a bonus. You don't need mini tart pans to make this.

She shows us how to make our own little tart liners made with foil-lined muffins cups. What more could you ask for? I love saving money.

7.Banana Coconut Bread - Garlic and Zest

Bananas - Coconut Oil - Eggs - Agave * - Coconut Flour * - Arrowroot Starch * - Cinnamon - Pecans - Flaked Coconut

Yeah, banana bread without all the carbs of "wheat" flour. It is moist with a coconutty chewy crunch. They are lightly sweet and dense enough that one slice will fill you up.

That's good to help keep the pounds off. You can store it in the freezer or refrigerator so you can have a slice every day for a week if you want to. Pumpkin seeds on top are optional.

8.Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies - Get Inspired Everyday!

Tapioca Starch - Blonde Coconut Sugar * - Chocolate Chips - Coconut Oil - Eggs - Vanilla Extract - Flaked Sea Salt

These cookies combine the flavor of chocolate, hazelnut flour *, and sea salt. When you add the hazelnut flavor it adds another depth of flavor that is out of this world. You'll want to give these a try.

Make sure you use the right kind of salt as explained on the blog. If you've never eaten chocolate with warm salted popcorn, you really should try it just once. You know, so you'll know what you're missing.

The chocolate melts in your mouth because the popcorn is warm then the salt makes the flavors explode.

9.Cinnamon Hazelnut Date Cake - A Calculated Whisk

Medjool Dates - Eggs - Ghee * - Honey - Vanilla Extract - Ground Cinnamon - Tapioca Flour *9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes - My Natural Family (2)9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes - My Natural Family (3)

This cake is made with dates that have been soaked in very hot water and then blended into a paste by using a food processor.

This allows them to permeate the batter with flavor and moisture. It has a very subtle hazelnut flavor but it also adds a new intriguing layer of sweet flavor.



9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes - My Natural Family (4)

9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes

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  • Diet: Gluten Free
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9 of the Best Ever Hazelnut Flour Recipes - My Natural Family (2024)
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