Hog & Deer Hunting in East Texas!

Are you looking for the ultimate hunting experience? Or are you looking for a week or weekend get-a-way? Then BDP Farms is the place for you!

We have an abundance of wild hog and deer and offer several Hunting Packages to fit any hunter's needs. 2008 is the first year in 10 years that BDP has allowed any deer hunting. We have a large selection of whitetail deer of all ages.

BDP Farms is located on the Trinity River on the far East side of Leon County near Crockett, Texas. This farm has been in our family for 75 years and has been in row crop production since the beginning. Our crops include cotton, milo and corn. We have found these crops add to the number of wildlife in our area. And beside our crop farming, we have dense areas of trees and bushes to add to your hunting experience. There are 10 feeders in use at all times.

We welcome all hunters whether your preference is bow, shotgun or rifle. Groups and companies are welcome!

We have lodging available for all hunters. The price to stay in our lodge is on the price page. Currently our new facility is under construction. We will have enough room to comfortably sleep 10 people. If you prefer to stay in one of the hotel in Crockett you may do that also. Please call if you need any assistance reserving a room.

Call or E-mail today for more information on this hunters dream!

BDP Hunting
Crockett, TX
Phone: 936-544-8612

Email: bdp_hunting@yahoo.com

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